Super Blooper

In this “Crazy World” City Adventurers were looking forward to another Red Herring Games adventure. This time it was a mystery only production, with no murder involved. The Name of the Game was an ABBA themed event called Super Blooper. “Knowing Me, Knowing You” we were expecting this to be a fun evening in front of the computer.

The Plot

Super Blooper, the worlds premiere Abba Tribute band, have travelled to Amsterdam for their latest European tour. Their presence in the city hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fans who are now flocking to what was originally a “top secret” hotel – causing traffic chaos and noise pollution!

Unfortunately on arrival in Skipol earlier that day their instruments and luggage were misplaced.

When the luggage does finally show up – the recovered equipment is also followed by Ivor Dreme of Interpol who wants to know the connection between the group and some phoney funny money that has been found in circulation in various capital cities following the group’s concerts.

However along with the phoney funny money is another mystery for the inspector as Jimmy Gimigimi’s guitar has mysteriously disappeared!  Who took it?  And does it have anything to do with the phoney funny money?


The script was peppered with references to ABBA lyrics. There was a lot of talk, or should I say singing, about the phoney funny money and the missing guitar. In the end we just had to “Take a Chance on Me” to guess the right answer. Unfortunately, we found it “Slipping Through My Fingers”.

“When All is Said and Done”, we still has a fun night, although we preferred the online murder mystery nights.

Going forward, at the end of the night Red Herring announced that, as the United Kingdom will be coming out of Lockdown, this would be the last online Red Herring event. It’s a shame, as there are a number of us that like these online events, both in the UK and the USA.

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