Murder at the Ratz Hotel

For August Bank Holiday, the City Adventurers were whisked off to the heart of London’s Mayfair……..well virtually whisked off anyway.

We were visiting The Ratz Hotel, a beacon of luxury and tradition.

The hotel had been under going a refurbishment and would offer relaxing rooms, designed by a Feng shui expert, where energy forces harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

The hotel was also due to open a luxury bistro.

However, we soon discovered that the new manager had other, rather unusual, plans…….and soon the hotel would be advertising for another new manager as he was killed in his office!

Secrets, lies, revenge, ambition and unrequited love come bubbling to the surface with hilarious and deadly consequences as we took part in  MurderedforMoney‘s virtual murder mystery – Murder at the Ratz Hotel.

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