The Maltese Herring

This is the 8th book in the Herring series by L. C. Tyler.

The Maltese Herring is available from City Adventurers Solve The Murder

The Plot

Dr Hilary Joyner is neither well liked nor well respected among his academic peers. However, he believes his next project will bring him the recognition he deserves. He’s working to uncover the truth behind the ‘buried treasure story’, a local Sussex legend involving two invaluable golden statues, fabled to be hidden among the religious houses in the county. Although his latest book deadline is looming, Ethelred Tressider unwittingly finds himself hosting both the academic and his redoubtable literary agent, Elsie Thirkettle, for the weekend. The three soon find themselves part of a hunt for the missing figures, but it isn’t long before Joyner’s research project comes to an abrupt end with his death. Ethelred and Elsie must piece together the clues of the past to solve the mystery in the present – if they can avoid the distractions of chocolate and feminine wiles for long enough, that is.

The book starts with Ethelred attending a reunion dinner at his old college. To his surprise he is seated at the top table, albeit next to the least distinguished of the guests. One such guest is Dr Hilary Joyner who Ethelred remembers as being a radical young don. The years have not been kind to Dr Joyner, who feels his work has been overlooked. His next book concerns an alleged dispute between two monastic houses in Sussex, near to Ethelred’s home.

What follows is a search for buried treasury, unexpected house guests and visitors, a cursed statue, a feuding committee and, of course, a murder!

A jolly good romp. Highly recommended.

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The Ethelred Tressider and Elsie Thirkettle series, AKA the Herring series by L. C. Tyler are all available from City Adventurers Solve The Murder

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