Terror In The Toy Box

The City Adventurers stumbled upon another online murder mystery company to try. Femme Fatalities is a family run business, led by three ladies. What is more, they play all the characters within each mystery themselves!

We signed up to play “Terror In The Toy Box” where all the suspects, as well as the victim, were toys. Well that made a change from your normal murder mystery. For a start you had to imagine that the toys came to life, just like in Toy Story. And then imagine that one (or more) were capable of “killing” another toy.

The Femme Fatalities Team ran a 5 day murder mystery in May 2021. Each day we received a video, plus clues and puzzles to solve. 

Instead of an interactive interrogation, we had to submit our questions to the suspects and they recorded a video of them answering them. Each team was allowed to submit up to 3 questions. Considering how much effort was put into the costumes and make-up you could see why this was the best (only) course of action. You couldn’t have an actor playing one character then quickly switching to another.

We wondered if they would actually answer our questions, or if they would have a stock of videos they could use for all eventualities. It was, therefore, a wonderful surprise to see our questions asked and answered by all the characters. Well done, Ladies.

After the interrogations video arrived we realised we had overlooked something very important and went back to the drawing board to reassess our answer. Luckily this review worked and we were able to unmask the guilty party.

A fantastic murder mystery event.

The City Adventurers look forward to more online mysteries from Femme Fatalities

The Cast

Jodie-Lee Wilde was Jack and Blockhead.

Leah Shears was Cuddles and both Mindy Dolls.

Kirstie Wilde was Pippy and Action Guy. 

Summer Fete-alities is the next event by Femme Fatalities Murder Mysteries Online. Tickets are available from Eventbrite

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