Mystic Murder

Don’t you love that new detective series “Isolated crimes” with Inspector Corner? He introduces the details of a case, then asks the audience “was it an accident or was it murder?”

His latest show involved a Mystic Murder. A fortune teller, Mystic Myrtle, was plying her trade at a local fairground when Laura Dent decided it would be fun to visit her. Her husband thought it all a bit of nonsense, so he slipped off to the pub, where he bumped into his sister-in-law. Also stopping off for a quick drink was Myrtle’s husband, Barry.

Nothing unusual there. Or was there?

All was not as it seemed. The information Myrtle shared with Laura set off a chain of unfortunate events. Events that eventually lead to the discovery of a body in the local park!

Could this be murder? Well, as the action was performed by MurderedForMoney you can bet it was.

With daily updates via videos, the City Adventurers were tasked with working out who was responsible and how/ why the murder took place.

Mystic Myrtle

Mystic Murder was written by Richard Adams and adapted by Bridget Wilkinson. Another fun event from the Murdered For Money company.

Their next event is What’s your poison? starting on Tuesday 21 Sep 2021.

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