What’s your poison?

In September we were invited down to the English village of Marshtown and a meeting of the local cocktail appreciation society.

The group were facing a potential change in their leadership committee and tensions were running extremely high. Some members were visibly shaken by events taking place. Others were stirred into action by threats of blackmail. And things really turned (whiskey) sour when a dead body was discovered!

Yes, this was another sparkling murder mystery from the multi-award winning Murdered For Money Team. Written by Lesley Gunn, the play was adapted by Bridget Wilkinson.

Unfortunately we were too ill to attend the zoom interrogation. Luckily, Bridget always sends a recording of one of the interrogation sessions to investigators, so we were able to see the questions others posed. Fantastic ad lib comments from all the cast with a special mention for Hilda, played by Meri Mackney, for her comments on life saving techniques. Hilarious.

Cheers to all involved in another fantastic murder mystery.

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