Death Drop

Described as “A Dragatha Christie Murder Mystery”, “Death Drop” was only running in the west end for 7 weeks. So the City Adventurers sashayed to the Criterion Theatre to see the murder mystery while we could.

The show began with guests arriving at Shantay Manor for a glamourous soirée to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Charles and Diana. Unfortunately Charles and Diana were not expected to attend, much to the ire of the guests, who braved a storm to get there. The storm setting was important, as people dropped hints about a tragedy that happened during a similar storm…..

Forced to remain for the night, the guests soon started to reveal their dodgy pasts leading to some savage confrontations. Before long there was even murder, and, as the night progressed and the body count increased, questions needed to be answered.

Who is the killer?

Who will be the next victim?

Is there a link to the other stormy night?

Will the downstairs toilet ever be clean again?

Death Drop was a laugh from start to finish. It was packed with brilliant plot twists, some great songs and flamboyant acting. Definitely not for families with young children, it has a recommendation age of 15+. When we saw it, the killer comedy starred a cast of drag queen favourites, including JuJuBee.

death drop
Death Drop

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