Capone Family Receives “an Offer They Can’t Refuse”

In October 2011 Capo’s Restaurants announced that an agreement had been reached to acquire the “CAPONE FAMILY SECRET” trademark and company.

Dominic Capone, reputed grandnephew of Al Capone, and Trademark Trustee Desiree Alonzo were summoned to Las Vegas where Nico Santucci, CEO and owner of Capo’s Restaurants, made them “an offer they couldn’t refuse.” Santucci, a Las Vegas celebrity restaurateur, launched his new Italian Pasta and Specialty Sauces utilizing the CAPONE FAMILY SECRET recipes, which had been under wraps for nearly 80 years. They were recovered in undisclosed locations following federal raids on Al Capone’s warehouses.

Capo’s Restaurants have been a staple on the Las Vegas restaurant scene for years and the brand is often referred to as “The Original Las Vegas Speakeasy.” Capo’s is known as a celebrity hangout where major headliner acts from the Las Vegas Strip come to relax. These stars include Alan Thicke, Mark Wahlberg, Jon Bon Jovi, Dave Navarro, Carrot Top and Gordie Brown, all of whom are known regulars at the restaurant. It also would not be out of the question for socialites such as Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton to walk through the door at any time.

Al Capone mug shot – United States Department of Justice

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