Medical romance with mild thriller

Light reading for people who enjoy a medical drama and murder mystery without anything gruesome.


On Call by Anita Burgh

Thirty-four year old Chrissy Galloway decides to return to the nursing profession, her home town and St. Edith’s Hospital following the tragic death of her young husband. But her return is full of complications.

  • St. Edith’s has served the local community for 150 years but is under threat of being swallowed up by the more glamorous and modern Thorpedale General.
  • Mo Fordham, an old school friend of Chrissy’s,  suspects her husband is having an affair. Then, to make matters worse, she finds a lump in her breast.
  • Glynis Tillman, Nursing Manager of St. Edith’s is reaching a crossroads in her proefssion.
  • And, in the middle of a battle for the hospital’s survival, there are three suspicious patient deaths.

With Chrissy likely to be held responsible for their demise, will she be accused of murder?

Or has she been set up?

Could someone be looking for a scapegoat to blame for the closure of the hospital?

On Call by Anita Burgh available from Amazon

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