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Exit Puzzle – Space Observatory Mystery Jigsaw

Exit Puzzle – Space Observatory Mystery Jigsaw review

Discovering that a meteorite is racing toward Earth, you must find and activate the device capable of saving the world.


Map Mysteries Jigsaw Puzzle review

Map Mysteries Jigsaw Puzzle Egypt is currently unavailable on Amazon.
However, the Map Mysteries Jigsaw Puzzle Fountain of Youth is available 

Death in the Desert

Death In the Desert

Another bits and pieces jigsaw where no two pieces are the same.
Death in The Desert Mystery Puzzle is designed by Gene Dieckhoner.  Can you solve the mystery of this puzzle?

Exit Puzzle - The unicorn

Escape Puzzle -
 The Room Unicorn

Exit Puzzle - the basement

Escape Puzzle – Temple in Angkor Wat

 The Forbidden Basement

Exit Puzzle - The Forbidden Basement

Murder at Bedford Manor

Murder at Bedford Manor

Read the story by Claudia Busto, piece together the jigsaw puzzle by artist Gene Dieckhoner and see if you can solve the Murder At Bedford Manor!

Murder at the Museum

Murder at the Museum

Are you a super sleuth?
Get out your detective kit and see if you can solve this murder mystery 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Glenmore Haunting

Glenmore Haunting

A jigsaw Puzzle mystery, read the story, assemble the puzzle and find the clues, then try to solve the mystery.  1000 piece jigsaw and the original short story

The Fall of Heathmoor Manor

The Fall of Heathmoor Manor

The Fall of Heathmoor Manor is currently unavailable on Amazon, although you may be lucky enough to find one from another retailer

Murder at Pelham Castle

Murder at Pelham Castle

One murder and six suspects. Another puzzle with a twist. Read the story, assemble the puzzle and solve the crime.


murder on the titanic

Murder on the Titanic

A murder mystery puzzle of titanic proportions!

More than just a jigsaw puzzle this is a murder mystery waiting to be solved! 

Wasjig Puzzles

Wasjig Puzzles

Wasgij is the addictively unique jigsaw puzzle brand where you need to use your imagination to piece together the Wasgij 'solution'.
There are four different Wasgij ranges: Original, Destiny, Mystery and Christmas

Great mystery board games transport you to an alternative reality and keep your attention to solve the mystery. They can include detective stories or some ghostly happenings. Whatever the theme they must have believable storylines.


 Cluedo Game

The City Adventurers love playing all sorts of Cluedo Game . This links to the updated classic version which includs the Ghost of Mrs White. 

Mysterium Board Game

Mysterium - Review

An enjoyable game where one of you becomes the ghost in the haunted manor of Mysterium. The others must discover how they died?

Chronicles of Crime

Who Dunnit! Review

The City Adventurers are quite proud of their detective skills and so we settled down to play “Who Dunnit? – Mystery at the Museum” by YULU.